Karen Ann's loving mission at Heart Light Living is pointing people toward reshaping their lives through their open heart. She is committed to being an example of love for our planet and all of its living creatures.   

Living a life of love is a fulfilling life of truth; please look into your heart to discover what is within you is a blessed being of lightness.  All change for this world begins with one, the one within your life. Karen Ann extends strength, love, and incredible encouragement to you on this fantastic path toward wellness.

Be encouraged to know that nothing is unachievable, we are all in this together, and we are all one. All life is within you, and you are the key to life itself; begin today in the Self-discovery of the leading edge of light and wellbeing!


Place your loving choices in your

hands, and open your world to new beginnings.

Karen Ann's Pledge 

Karen Ann places you first on your heart light wellness journey!

Heart Light Living places your wellness journey on your openness and your set desires first.  Karen Ann intends this a caring journey for your best benefit. She dedicates her efforts to provide you with thoughtful guidance, tools for your healing management, and consistent encouragement to help make your experience a success.


Her greatest joy is the opportunity to witness her clients' open their lives in wondrous ways.  She is always very grateful for her clients, their wellness journey, and the opportunity to see their incredible transformation.

Karen Ann is not here to be "your healer," she is here to remind you that you have the greatest healer of your life within your heart.  Her work begins by helping you to remember how to go within and trust the inner healer.   


Weekly Intuitive Mentoring

4 or 8 week programs available

Weekly intuitive mentoring is Karen Ann's most popular program. Work with her 1:1 weekly to help you expand your consciousness.  She offers a three and an eight-week customized wellness journey package.

Karen Ann works with you weekly to unfold unhealthy patterns, language barriers that hold you stuck, as well as working on the subconscious level to open your life to greater opportunities. These are very popular packages and if you are ready for new beginnings please contact Karen Ann for the details and start your customized program today!

The requirements are the purchase of a new wellness journal, open mind and open heart!

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Intuitive Inquiries Via Email

Three questions per Inquiry

Let Karen Ann help you to decipher the unknown. Email questions are a lovely way to get intuitive guidance and clarity—up to three inquiries per Email. The price per query is $15.00. Karen Ann can help guide you on a wellness journey,  by opening you to what is within your heart's vortex.


Contact Karen Ann to set up your appointment; she can help you to schedule this messaging process. Be open, be still, and be ready to make changes in your life. There is always something that can unlock the flow for your benefit, but it is your choice to take the first step!

Pure loving energy fills this company, and because of this set intention, Karen Ann shares her mission with everyone, open to a new way of living.  If you are looking for a change within your life, then please take the opportunity to connect with Karen Ann. 


Please contact Karen Ann or leave a message on our open chat placed on the bottom corner of your screen. She would love to hear from you and is happy to assist you with any questions or needs that you might have.

Thank you again for stopping by!



The Team at Heart Light Living!

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