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The Healing Behind Heart and Mind Coherence

Karen Ann's loving mission at Heart Light Living is pointing people toward the healing behind heart and mind coherence that can reshape your life through inner exploration and an open heart. She has committed herself to be an example of unconditional love for our planet and all of its living creatures.   

To live a life of unconditional love; is to connect to the inner truth, the wholeness of the natural Self. We are all part of a greater whole, and any change this world is inviting, begins with you; you are a crucial aspect of the improved health and wellbeing of the natural world, and connection with others.  With heart and mind coherence, you sense life with more profound clarity, and through living more intentionally, you become an empowered stream of loving consciousness.  The more focused you are with awareness, the more you are in balance: the mind and heart coherence ushers in the power of living in the now.

Be encouraged to know that nothing is unachievable, we are all in this together, and we are all one. All life is within you, and you are the key to life itself; begin today in the Self-discovery; the leading edge of light and wellbeing!



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Karen Ann with Heart Light Living

Meet Karen Ann, Consciousness Coach

What is a consciousness coach?  Your true Self, the Source, is the conscious awareness within the life you hold.  Many are mostly unaware of their power because their grief is hiding their meaningful, timeless essence.  Karen Ann helps to guide you on a wellness journey of the mind, body, and Soul.  Her intuition is the breath of grace; her mentoring is about your healing within yourself.  She is a loving healer that understands the challenges of inner pain. She knows how pain can disrupt life's flow, giving a false sense of feeling stuck and sometimes maybe even hopeless. When Karen Ann embarked on her Spiritual awareness journey, Karen faced many obstacles along the path. At times she wanted to give up on herself, but something inside her pushed her along, and no matter how frustrated she felt, she pushed through the self-imposed barriers. Now, nearly thirteen years later, she has found the benevolent healer within her life, and this healer has helped her understand her purpose.

Today, she lives her life in a state of love, beingness, and peace. Her spirit renewed, the journey of the Soul has expanded to new horizons. Karen Ann wishes to extend an invitation for you to begin a journey into verified living.  Her coaching is replenishing to those she helps; her free will choice to be here as your painless support is to help this world evolve within the undercurrent of unclear living.  To breathe life into yourself, you will learn to walk the higher reason path.

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Karen Ann's philosophy

"Unconditional love is precious, and life its gift."

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