Care More About How You Feel

You are the center of the universe. This makes what you recycle your attracting vibration. The law of attraction is not the law of moving toward a goal in the quickest way possible. The law of attraction means you are the center point of your frequency which calls in your living conditions.

The most important message within this caring sense is that if you are not aware of your inactive thinking; you are not walking within a more conscious state. Your vibration dictates how you invest in your day's experiences.

This reason alone is why it is so important to care about how you feel. Giving into how you felt yesterday sends a signal that you're interested in remaining uncaring about yourself. Care enough about how you feel and make a particular choice to elevate your vibration.

The practice of taking care of your frequency takes time and patience. To draw different experiences, you need to soothe yourself and leave the vortex of discontentment. Therefore your work begins within yourself. Your care and attention to how you feel require you to sense things from a more loving state of being.

The inner being is very much in tune with you; it adores you, as this is you, not the person you; but the highest Self of your eternal light. Your verified tether is the one you share within your higher Self which is healing and freely takes you to new heights. What calls in the new vibrational experiences are not just the words you speak, but the letting goes of your unnecessary thinking about the past.

Today, take a long hard look at the feelings you hold and then care enough about yourself to change them. Make this a daily practice from moment to moment if that is what it takes. Understand that every new moment is a unique chance to birth within yourself a new frequency for your center point of attraction. You may need to recycle this practice until you walk the line of deeper care, more loving interaction with the universe.

Focus on the now with heightened feelings to attract a more loving and beneficial fresh start. Remain as your best advocate and realize your actions and inactions are the makers of your feelings.

I invite you to take to your heart and decide how the law of attraction works within your frequency. Hug yourself today because it's a new day with all-new adventures!

Many blessings,

Karen Ann

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