Bringing Gracious Healing to Your Life

Updated: Feb 27

If you are like me, you might find it difficult to see yourself with unconditional love. I mean, you read about the importance of self-love, but hearing this and believing it are two different beasts.

For one, there is this misconception in this free will thinking mind that if you aren't perfect or not even remotely nearing perfection, there is something seriously wrong with you. Yet, there is freedom in letting go of any ideas around the idea of perfectionism. You might ask yourself a hundred million times if this practice is worth the effort, but I promise you that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to let go and free fall.

Hearing about the turbulence within other's lives, I have come to appreciate my freedom even more than before. There is always a chance I will regress into a state of uncertainty; however, that is not a negative or positive thing; it just is a thing that is meant to transpire my life in miraculous ways.

Treating life with more care makes me focus more sincerely within myself; my loving attributes and gracious healing have turned me around in so many ways. You might need a boost, a support group that will be freely honest with you. That doesn't mean abusive or deceptive; that means a collective that sees you for the beauty you are, and the responses they give come from the frequency of compassion. Yet there also needs to be the same sense of healing within yourself; the frequency of self-compassion, elevating you from the victim mentality to a more clear state of mind.

Make a point to see your mind's focus, notice your frequent sharing of stories, and notice how you feel within yourself when you speak of things that verify your life. You might become amazed by what you see. Your first step toward graciousness is to accept yourself just as you are and freely choose to validate your life with more curiosity and compassion. You are not here to break this life apart in an unhealthy way, but you can come to a place of more consideration for your journey. What if you are to see this healing journey as a practice run? What if this moment was just the thing you needed to realize your value and worth?

Take yourself out on a date or maybe enter into a free will choice to try something new for yourself. Breakaway from the habits and the known, look for reasons to visit the unknown. Trust that if you embrace life with a better frame of mind, you can create many new opportunities for yourself. Maybe you are uncertain of your life path; this is a perfect period to escape the mundane and make a notable change for yourself.

Here is a suggestion that has made things a bit easier for me. If you try this, let me know, comment down below, and share your insight because the purpose of this blog is to share wisdom among the community of generous and loving beings.

Look to make your awareness your focused priority because focus can be a handy tool within your gracious self-nurturing. Think about your life as a gift which makes it a bit more valuable to you within itself, and be as proactive with this thinking as best you can. I know some things can distract our minds and keep us in a recycling sensation of fret or worry, but do your best to witness those feelings instead of constantly drowning in them. Breathe into your heart space; to anchor and connect with the inner being the natural presence.

Take a moment to sit within your heart by dropping awareness into your heart space and lean on this practice for encouragement and support. I know what you are thinking; how on earth will this be encouraging? The truth is the heart space is the exact and only place you need to go to in times of struggle. There is an incredible life force of unconditional love that is eagerly awaiting your visits. Here is the breath cycle you can do to help yourself climb out of the rut or pit of despair.

Find a place in your home or outside in the fresh air, sit with yourself a moment. It might feel incredibly challenging at first to sit still; I know it took me a lot of practice to overcome this insatiable need to squirm and fidget. The more you notice, the worse it may become, so be as quiet about it as you can and sense the movement. Now, if you are super antsy, you can stand up and shake your entire body. Make a silly sound when you do this helps to break apart pent-up energy that is seeking to distract you. Don’t be afraid to wave those arms like Jell-o. Jiggle and wiggle a bit, then return to a seated position, back straight, and eyes closed. Start to breathe with your full attention on the breath and heart. Inhale into the heart space, breath in your nose and exhale out the mouth into the heart space. Do this for a sequence of thirty breaths. Keep your mind focused on the sensation of the breath moving within and without of your body and heart space.

Break the breathing into as many sequences as you can at first. Rome was not built in a day, so please be patient and caring about your retreat practice. Your ultimate goal is to retreat within yourself, which may be a challenge at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. Tearing yourself down is never gracious. Be caring, kind, patient, and above all else, make the free will choice to create a standard practice of self- retreat with breathing into your heart for more than fifty-five days.

I suggest fifty-five days because this is a period in which the body truly connects to things as a motivational aspect or free will choice of change. There are many retreats where you can regain healing, but none more potent than the open will retreat of commitment and dedication. Go the distance here, let yourself know that you are a leader of the mind, not a follower. The more you present this to yourself with intentional commitment, the more the mind and body will come together to work within this new standard of self-care.

Retreating within your heart is the best and most effective healing method that will carry your life into extraordinary changes. I cannot break this down enough for you to do it just because I said it is beneficial; this wellness journey is entirely up to you. I can express with all my heart that there is so much to cherish within this journey. I find when I assume or impulsively make assumptions about myself or my healing retreats, I end up disappointed by the short-term effects. It is a better practice to allow change to develop by my willingness to be present and focused, without conceptualizing my learned behaviors. It changed for me when I let go of my long term blockages that kept me misguided.

The importance of a self-retreat practice is to create long-term healing, so please know that long-term wellness doesn't come with one visit to the heart. You will need to be diligent, freely choose to continue to return to the healing space and face any emotions or framed belief that comes up. Try to reject nothing, but make zero statements about the sensations that arise, just allow. Your life is never out of your free will control. We tend to deflect or blame others for our free will choices, or feelings. The biggest falsehood we can ever do to ourselves is to place blame outside of our free will. Be willing to take accountability for your life and the healing within it by avoiding saying things like:

"I don't have the time."

"I never have the space to do it."

"I am never able to find space or time alone."

"There is too much to get done."

"There are never enough hours."

You get the point; these forms of self-sabotage are commonly given within ourselves to avoid uncomfortable feelings, making our wellness a low priority. Your wellness must be a prioritized practice;

it’s more painless than you think! Don't wait for the inflammation of your life or any emotional distress you hold, pay you back with an even harder experience.

If you are healthy, make this a priority to continue with on this path with gratitude. Flood your life with gratitude.

As you breathe into your heart space, sink within your body as you sense the energy that flows within and around you With deep gratitude. Delve into still mind as you can and stay as long as you can when you do. I am curious to hear about your free will choices after starting this healing practice for the fifty-five days.

To break this into one more retreat, you can use essential oils to activate a sense of calm, such as lavender, rose water, or even retreat with an evergreen scent like balsam fir or Siberian fir. The essential oil tab on my website has a bounty of beautiful fragrances. If you require deeper grounding or calming, I can help you create yourself an emergency kit for self-soothing and grounded healing.

Take time to explore the Heart Light website, join our community, and find a new breathing practice for a more focused and deliberate self-care long term life style. Your breath (the words) you say creates your tangible experience, so be mindful. i encourage you to find new ways to express yourself, break free from unhealthy habits and uncaring mantras.

Weave yourself into a new tapestry of life‘s abundance, healing light, and compassionate care because this is the only life you have to greet as a free-will expression.

Take care, my loving friend, and freely take the empowered steps to help overturn recycling thoughts and feelings from your past.

Love and grace,

Karen Ann