Never Underestimate the Power of Crystals

In 2017, BKA, Before KarenAnn, I was anxious and scrambling to find any sort of direction in my spiritual life. I knew I had someplace big to go, but did not have any idea how to get there. My life was stressful. Four teenagers, all with some sort of special need- Asperger's, anxiety, depression, ADHD, hearing loss, and OCD, were taking their toll on my mental and emotional health. I would often retreat to my bedroom closet which was my makeshift meditation space, filled with crystals, prayer cards, books, jewelry, all things spiritual that I had been collecting for the last 10 years since my "awakening" in 2007. Crystals were my passion. I started my spiritual journey learning everything I could about crystals. I took classes, read tons of books and played with my crystals often. This one particular day started out as all the others had lately, jam packed with anxiety. My chest was so tight I could barely breathe. The anxiety and stress coursing through my body was debilitating. I just couldn't handle it anymore. I needed help. Intuitively, I just KNEW I had to place a crystal on my chest to help me with the tightness. It was like the crystals were calling me, speaking to me, guiding me through the process. I felt the green fluorite was the one who could help me the most. I leaned back and placed the fluorite on my chest and closed my eyes. I could feel the relief as the sensation went from tight to loose and free. I was feeling so much better. After about 45 minutes, I opened my eyes and reached down to remove the crystal. I could not believe what happened next. The crystal was not in one piece as it was, it was in THREE SEPARATE PIECES! The anxiety and tension in my chest was so intense, it made the crystal literally explode!!! I had no idea crystals were SO powerful. I had no idea crystals could take what your feeling and hold space for you like that, even if it meant it would explode. I will forever be a believer in crystals. And I will forever be grateful and in awe of that beautiful green fluorite who loved me, saved me, and inspired me to learn more and all I can about crystals and become a Crystal Healer. Never underestimate the power of crystals.

I encourage you to join us Thursday 4/8 and learn more about the power of crystals and how they can help you in YOUR life! Also check out the Crystal Course and get certified in your crystal knowledge! (Ask KarenAnn or Marlene for more details)

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